Why sponsor?

“If you want to make a difference in the world, start in your community”

Linwood Rugby Club consists of 5 Senior Grade Teams and 13 Junior Teams, we have grown over the years which is a huge achievement given the circumstances in the area post quakes.

All our coaches and managers across all grades are volunteers.

We have strong ties to the local community, including close relationships with churches and schools in the area, and embrace the local Pacifica culture.

We are the owners of our magnificent facility, one of the last clubs in Christchurch who still have a home of our own, with our own field.

As with all community organisations we are feeling the effects of the ‘shrinking lid’ policy on community grant money and the preference for funding organisations towards ‘non-mainstream’ sport, which has come at a time of increasing administration requirements by both the NZRU and CRFU.

Our local community is not wealthy, we need to keep costs to players and parents as low as possible, we have been trialling initiatives around subs and playing costs over the last few seasons and the outcome has been that keeping subs low keeps participation high

What are the benefits of Sponsoring?

  • Becoming an active supporter in our club and community – allowing continued participation in sport for our juniors, seniors and members
  • Feel good factor – “kids in sport stay out of court”
  • Strong traditional following of rugby club supporters throughout Christchurch
  • 19 weeks of exposure through rugby season.
  • 52 weeks of exposure through Linfield Cultural Recreational Sports Club. Sports are played at the club all year around.
  • Media footage through Press sports report (photo opportunities) and also when news reporters are there covering All Blacks, super rugby and other international teams that train at Linfield. CRFU play up to 6-8 games a year at Linfield Park so there is exposure through that also.
  • Website exposure through Linwood Rugby website, Newsletters and our Facebook page – we have one of the highest numbers of Facebook followers of Canterbury rugby clubs. Our newsletter goes out to around 1000 people each week during the season.

Linwood Rugby Club – Sponsorship Opportunities 2022

“From Green & Black to Red & Black to All Black”

We have a range of options available and can put together packages depending on sponsor’s areas of interest and level of investment.

We recognise that Sponsors have different motivations and budgets and would like to work with you to tailor a package from the options below, or any other ideas you may have, that meets your needs.

All sponsors are eligible for the Sponsors Recognition Rewards programme which includes signage, naming rights and social media based on level of investment. This programme is detailed below.

Options available for 2022:

Sponsors Logo on the back of a Division One playing jerseys

Sponsors name across the shoulders of ONE Division One playing jersey

Sponsors Logo on the back or front of ALL Junior Playing Jerseys

Junior Sevens Tournament

Player of the Day Awards for Senior or Junior Players

Coaches/Managers Jackets for Juniors

Home Game meal sponsor for Senior Club

Field Signage on Number 1 ground (available for free to sponsors spending over $2,500) or for purchase to others